The Great Returning

The Great Returning
by the Arcturian Council of Five

"My heart is my Creator, I shall not pray to something outside of myself, I shall pray to the very thing that gave birth to me. I am the son, the child, the daughter.

Through my understanding of my bond to the loving divine, Mother/Father/God, I recognise my own divinity and direct lineage. Through my activation of freewill and self-choice, I transform my perception when I pray outside of myself, when in fact the silence I hear between my mind and my heart is where I direct my conversation elsewhere." 

The great returning that is upon us at this time is the reconnection to the fundamental truth of our Divinity.

The idea of praying outside of ourselves, is deeply rooted in the religious construct. All but a few of the Eastern religious constructs externalise the conversation with divine essence. Lao Tzu understood this, Osho in this time reaffirmed it, the Hindu traditions in part, still preserve this connection, as do the Tibetan monks. 

All modern day religions are designed to perpetuate the separation of the self with the soul. This has fuelled a vast network, framework, and conditioning where the disassociation creates a poison and the poison has a name, several names: "Hatred", out of sheer frustration. "Shame", the perpetual small mindedness. "Guilt", the denial of any real sense of love. "Blame", again connected to frustration, but also a release valve.

In truth, the poison that humanity is releasing is from one toxic pond into the greater toxic pond. 

Humankind has been feebly attempting to reconnect to itself. 

To truly begin this transformation now, is not to pretend, it is not to reprogram, and it is not to justify. It is only to reconnect. Cleansing happens as a result of the reconnection. If you need assistance, consider using the Arcturian device (below) that we have brought through this channel to aid in the reconnection into the Divinity of the self; the God, the Goddess within. 

Pray to yourselves, pray to the divine essence in others as a unique and individual expression of divinity and here you will naturally celebrate the one connection to all.

There is no God (in the religious sense). There is the recognition of the God-self, through humility one discovers their own truth of their ultimate connection to all.

We are the Arcturian Council of Five. We love you, we believe in you and we are streaming the connections to this reality that we share now, in support of you.

Channeled by Anthos Sotnya