We are all Sparks of the Divine Being called Home


Love Rising is a humanitarian, sovereign, non profit, and non government Foundation promoting global evolution through self enlightenment. The Foundation provides life changing programs that are connecting us to our Divine Excellence so we may rise to become all that we can be: Love Rising School of Enlightenment, The Goddess School, and The Diamond Earth Community Portal project.

A community of illuminated facilitators and educators, Love Rising is providing a clear and innovative pathway to living a fully connected life in true joy, purpose and freedom. 

Investment Opportunities

The Foundation is fund raising for the delivery of our inspired vision of a New Earth Community and Holistic Healing Sanctuary in Mt. Shasta and Hawaii. Our vision of community embraces New Earth Values, a Quantum Healing and Ascension Center, New Healing Technologies and Free Energy Capacity. For investors and game changers who are ready to make a conscious impact for the elevation of all, we are ask you to become a Pillar of Light for our Time.  If you are ready, please e-mail hello@loverising.earth


Changing the world starts with Changing Yourself.

Love Rising was born from our intention to bring ourselves into a state of giving the finest gift we can, liberation for humanity.

We are presenting a visionary blueprint for conscious living and quantum change as we approach the next century. This work of spiritual wisdom introduces new modes of perception and understanding. It examines the inter-connectedness between ourselves and the planet, allowing us to move beyond the cultural limitations of language and ingrained belief. "One Sound, One Light, One Essence"

This is the motivation of our life-changing offerings and teachings. At the core of the wisdom lies the transformation of consciousness, an inner awakening that we see is the next step in human evolution. An essential aspect of this awakening is in transcending our fear-based state of consciousness. This is a prerequisite not only for personal happiness but also for the transcendence of the violence endemic on our planet. 

In the Resonance of Love,
Jamie Lu
Founder of Love Rising Foundation

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Your contribution will go towards the building of a New Earth Community, New Healing technologies, Free Energy Technology and Quantum Healing and Ascension Center.

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